2017 Staff Thank You Letter 


So, let me now as publicly as possible deliver some well-deserved thanks!  If you are so inclined, please share and pass this on to the people below.

To put on this contest requires a lot of work from many dedicated volunteers working in many different capacities.

My deep appreciation to all of those who worked “behinds the scenes”:

  • To Ms. Cat and Stela, who did the advance work of finding a new venue (SOMArts), beginning the discussions with Folsom Street Events to be our fiscal sponsor, recruiting three kick-ass contestants, and so much more.
  • To Pat Collins and everyone else who worked with Stela and Ms. Cat in the weeks and months before the contest pulling all the details together and supporting the fundraisers and beverage benefits.
  • To Leo Peralta for completely revamping the website and giving it an updated look so there is one place where the community can get information about the contest, contestants and the titleholder.  You’ve done beautiful job!
  • To Val Langmuir for taking care of sponsorships and the sponsors, who’ve helped to finance the contest.
  • To Stela and Little Bad Daddy for creating the graphics for the cards and posters used to get the word out about the contest and the many other events leading up to the contest.
  • To Cole Wilson for doing everything necessary so we could have beverages at the contest, and helping keep Ms. Cat sane.
  • To Aren Papesse, Ranell Winchester and Ian Coleman for preparing videos, making slide shows, and creating musical compilations that enhanced the experience of the show.  And again to Aren for gathering the contestants’ fantasy music and technical requirements and working with me on the day of the contest, making it effortless to put on a great show.
  • To Beth Downey (stage manager) and Rover Spotts (technical director), who worked together in advance and on the day of the contest to create a near prefect contest show.
  • To Angel for working soup to nuts with our Judges — inviting them, coordinating with them ahead of the contest and keeping them happy throughout the day of the contest.
  • To Boy Tyler Fong for taking care of the Judges’ needs, whatever they were!
  • To Dirk for arranging ticket sales in advance and being our ticket boy on the day of the contest, when he could have been having a night out with the guys!
  • To Miss ErinKake, Pat Collins, and the contestants’ handlers for taking such good care of our contestants all day long.
  • To Rachele Sullivan for dealing with all of the issues of front of house, making it look so good and keeping our guests happy.  And, to the Exiles members for serving as our Ushers and keeping audience traffic flowing.
  • To Mr. Munter for doing whatever was needed – being in charge of the silent auction and serving as our auditor, and keeping Liza sane all day long!
  • To Schon Wade for being our Tally Master and keeping the numbers straight.
  • To Nerine Mechanique for stepping in at the last minute to provide fabulous food for the crew.
  • To our Bootblack manager, Teagan, and our bootblacks, Micky Rebel and Ms. V for making everyone look their best!
  • To Mike Gelfand, who stepped in at the last minute to be our videographer, bringing his own equipment, and capturing everything digitally.
  • To Ajax, who stepped in with the silent auction and made all the items look so enticing.
  • To Rich Stadtmiller for taking all the great photos!
  • To Ethan and Shawn Kinnear for serving as security (and keeping our costs down!)
  • To Emily; Unicorn Meghan Kelly and her Mom, Carol Kelly; Jessica; Kaycee Pup; Kevin; Herb and his girl; Michelle; Saranique; Sparky Foreman; and all of our volunteers for pitching in, working so hard for so many hours, and serving flawlessly.
  • And, to the unsung heroes at the back of the room – the bartenders and barbacks, whose names I don’t know, and who provided such gracious service!

My greatest admiration and heartfelt thanks to our “talent”:

  • To Miss Bethie Bee for being our alluring lead Mistress of Ceremonies and for writing the script for the contest, including staying up late the night before the Contest to make sure the script was complete and correct, and then taking notes for changes all day long from the producers with grace and still managing to look fabulous!
  • To Alotta Bouttè for taking time from her professional career to join Miss Bee as our marvelous guest MC.
  • To Kim Contreau for being our extraordinary MC at the Meet and Greet and keeping it lively under trying conditions.
  • To Candice for stepping in at the very last minute (really) to be our sign language interpreter and seeking out members of the deaf community in the audience to make sure they could get full enjoyment out of the contest.
  • To Tek for being our auctioneer and raising so much money.  Man, youcan talk fast!
  • To our Judges – Vick Germany, Beatrice Stonebanks, Q, Codybear Elkin, and Little Bad Daddy for making what was perhaps the most difficult choice I’ve seen in the many years I’ve been associated with the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest.
  • To our spectacular contestants, Marilyn, Jesbian and Azalea.  Youall put on one hell of a great show!!  It really is all about what you bring, and you brought it!
  • And last, but certainly not least, to Magnolia Black, Alotta Bouttè, and violinist Kippy Marks for an opening number worthy of Dr. Martin Luther King weekend.  I am still seeing it in my mind’s eye.

Thank you all so very much for continuing the tradition of making the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest an example of how it’s done!


A special thank you to Folsom Street Events for being our fiscal sponsor; to SOMArts (and the San Francisco Arts Commission) for being our venue sponsor; to Mr. S for being our presenting sponsor; and to the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance/Mr.San Francisco Leather contest, the Society of Janus, the Austin Law Group, Seth Munter – the Master of Real Estate, Wicked Grounds, the Exiles, IMsL, Northwest Leather Celebration and Women’s International Leather Legacy for supporting and sponsoring this contest.


Liza’s Jody