2018 Contestants





Haley is a leather dyke known for her sadistic switch tendencies. She is often accused of being the bus driver, ready to help get any submissive into some sexy, silly trouble. She can often be found in conversations elaborating on scene ideas or lending her expertise in play.

Haley originates from the Sacramento area where she was an active member for nearly 10 years before moving to the Bay Area. Her passion while in Sacramento was advocating for inclusive spaces and nonbinary and trans sensitivity in the community. These days you can find her fighting for the rights of all and donating her time to create a better leather community.




From a small town in central California, Teena has battled with chronic illnesses, as a child and teenager, along with her struggles with her identity. This lead her to a passion for writing and longing for Community. This in turn lead her to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and that is where she first connected to the scene in 2010.

Since then Teena has established herself within the leather/kink/fetish queer and also spiritual communities. Having left SF to Pennsylvania to find work in 2012, she returned in 2014 and re-acquainted herself with her communities. Since then she has gotten more involved and has even given her time and worked for leather businesses including Wicked Grounds, The Sword and Rose and currently, Mr. S Leather.